FilmLab Release Notes

  • Adds support for opening PNG images
  • Fixes a bug where FilmLab on Windows would crash when attempting to export files in TIFF format
  • Fixed a bug where FilmLab would crash on startup on Macs running MacOS 12 (Montery) and older. If you ran into this bug on a previous beta release, it may prevent auto-update from working. If so, you’ll need to download the latest beta directly from our website.
  • Fixed a crash when batch processing files
  • Fixed an issue with visual artifacts showing up in output files when using the “Standard” camera profile
  • Extended the range of the density slider
Demo Video
Video preview
New Features and Improvements
  • Selectable film profiles for Color Negative process
  • Improved color conversion for Color Negative process
  • Shadow and highlight controls for both Color Negative and Black and White Negative processes
  • More usable slider ranges for Color Negative and Black and White Negative processes
Bug fixes
  • Fixes an issue where exported images would come out black on some computers
  • Fixes a related issue where FilmLab sometimes became unstable after exporting
  • Fixes several other potential crashing issues
    For full details and sample images, see the blog post.
    • Fixes a bug where image aspect ratio would be wrong after resizing a window with the editor open
    • Fixes a bug that caused a crash
    • Fixes a bug where a FilmLab process would continue running in the background after closing the app in Windows
    • Fixes a bug where the wrong camera sensor profile was sometimes being used by default
    • Improves auto exposure and auto color algorithms
    FilmLab 3 is a big leap forward in color science and speed. For full details on FilmLab 3 and what’s included in the first beta release, see the announcement.