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FilmLab for macOS and Windows

The easiest way to convert digital film scans. No additional software required.

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Digitize Your Film

FilmLab makes it easy to process film scans and convert negatives into beautiful photos.

FilmLab Editing a Color Negative
Easy to use.
A simple, intuitive interface makes converting your negatives simple and fast. No more fighting with dated, complicated software.
Produces beautiful photos.
FilmLab's color processing is designed to emulate analog photographic materials. It gives great-looking results from both color and black & white negatives.
Built for camera scanning, supports film scanners.
Opens raw files from all popular DSLR and mirrorless cameras, plus raw DNG and TIFF files from scanners.

Customers Love FilmLab Desktop

I scan my film at home and FilmLab seamlessly blends into my workflow to quickly go from negative to wonderful images in minutes. I don’t need to get Lightroom or learn complicated tools because FilmLab has that sweet spot of control without complexity."

Gary Torres

I am stunned by how intuitive it is to use, and the results are fantastic. The best part? It's standalone, so I'm not forced to use Lightroom."

Fabián Aguirre

[FilmLab] enables me to invert and color-balance a whole roll of negatives quickly. The results are excellent and the whole process significantly reduces the time it takes me to complete a roll of film and have it ready to archive for my clients."

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