FilmLab 3 Beta 6 Release Notes and Video

More bug fixes, and a video demo!
Yesterday we released a new beta build of FilmLab 3, Beta 6. This is a bug fix release with the following changes:

FilmLab 3 Beta 6

  • Fixed a bug where FilmLab would crash on startup on Macs running MacOS 12 (Montery) and older. If you ran into this bug on a previous beta release, it may prevent auto-update from working. If so, you’ll need to download the latest beta directly from our website.
  • Fixed a crash when batch processing files
  • Fixed an issue with visual artifacts showing up in output files when using the “Standard” camera profile
  • Extended the range of the density slider

Demo Video

The FilmLab 3 Beta has come a long way since our last demo video, so we made a new one showing off the latest features and color processing. It’s exciting to see the beautiful colors and creative control possible in FilmLab 3! Our founder Abe also shares a few tips about how to get the best results when converting scans in FilmLab.
Video preview