Announcing FilmLab 2.0


FilmLab is software that converts digital captures of film negatives into beautiful color or black-and-white images. FilmLab does digitally what an enlarger, photo paper, and chemistry would do when making photographic prints in a darkroom.
Develop+Fix is a small software company based in Maine, USA. FilmLab is our first product.

FilmLab 2.0: Now on Desktop and Mobile

FilmLab 1.0 ran on iOS and Android devices. It made it possible for people to use their mobile phone camera to capture and convert negatives. FilmLab 2.0 adds the ability to work with files from any digital camera or scanner, so it can be used in many more film scanning workflows. In addition to iOS and Android, FilmLab 2.0 is available as a new desktop app for macOS, Windows, and (coming soon) Linux. All FilmLab apps are standalone and don’t require any additional software.
FilmLab 2.0 for macOS and Windows is available for download now at
FilmLab 2.0 for iOS and Android will be available in September, and FilmLab 2.0 for Linux will be available later this fall.

FilmLab Mobile: Basic Features Now Free for Everyone

The iOS and Android versions of FilmLab were previously sold as one-time-purchase paid apps. With the launch of FilmLab 2.0, we’re making the mobile apps free to install, with a useful set of features included at no cost. The free version of FilmLab will make it simple and free to preview freshly-developed film, make digital proof sheets, and share mobile-camera-quality scans on social media. We think this will be a helpful tool for everyone who works with film. In September, we’ll be releasing FilmLab 2.0 for iOS and Android. FilmLab 2.0 will include advanced desktop-class features for paid subscribers, including the ability to open images from other cameras and scanners.
Existing customers who previously purchased FilmLab as a pay-to-install app will continue to have access to all features they previously paid for. Existing customers will also gain the ability to switch platforms between iOS and Android without having to buy FilmLab again. And as a thank-you for their support, customers who previously purchased FilmLab will be given exclusive discount pricing if they upgrade to get advanced features. If you are a FilmLab customer and have any questions, please contact us at

FilmLab 2.0 Licensing, Pricing, and Launch Specials

FilmLab 2.0 will be sold as a subscription for $5.99/month or $49.99/year (30% off the monthly price). A single subscription gives you a license to install and use FilmLab software on all desktop and mobile devices you personally own. To celebrate the launch of FilmLab 2.0, we’re offering a special price of only $39.99/year (an additional 20% off) for any annual subscriptions purchased through Sunday, August 16.
FilmLab is free for use in education. If you are an educator at a school, college, or university, please contact and we will be happy to set you up with free student licenses.

FilmLab 2.0 FAQ

Q: Why are you moving to a subscription model? I prefer software that I only have to pay for once.
A: Update: We now offer a lifetime license, available via our pricing page! Thanks to everybody who asked for it and helped us see the need to offer this option.
~~Nobody likes unnecessary subscriptions, but we think the subscription model is the best fit for this particular product. We’re a very small company, and our work on FilmLab is just beginning. Besides ongoing work to support the latest cameras and devices, we’re planning to build many new features to increase the capabilities of FilmLab and meet the needs of our customers. Subscription pricing lets us keep prices low while continuing to invest time and energy into building a great product.~~
One thing we will never do is lock in customers so they have to pay an ongoing subscription just to access their data. Any metadata or images you create with FilmLab are yours to keep, and will stay accessible even if your subscription expires.
Q: Is the launch special 20% off my first year, or all future years?
A: The special price of $39.99 applies to all future years for as long as you keep your subscription active. So if you want to get grandfathered in at a super low price, now’s your chance!
Q: I was a Kickstarter backer. Do I get FilmLab 2.0 for free?
A: Kickstarter backers who chose the iOS or Android app as their reward get a free non-expiring subscription to FilmLab on all their mobile devices. And to show our appreciation for our Kickstarter backers, we’re giving them a bonus reward of a 1- or 2-year (depending on backer level) free subscription to the macOS and Windows apps. We’ve sent updates to all Kickstarter backers with this good news. If you’re a backer and you have any questions, please get in touch at
Q: When will the Linux version be available, and for what distributions and architectures?
A: FilmLab will be available for 64-bit Intel and ARM architectures, on Ubuntu and other distributions yet to be determined. We’ve also been prototyping FilmLab running on a Raspberry Pi 4, and we’re pretty excited about the possibilities there.
Q: This looks great, but I need <feature X>. When can you add it?
A: We have a lot of FilmLab features planned for upcoming updates. Our priorities for which features come first will be shaped by our customers and what they need. If there’s a feature that’s important to you, please get in touch and let us know! You can reach us by email any time at